Nora ~ 6 months - Lodi Baby photographer

It has been so crazy at the studio lately with so many babies and bellies that I have completely dropped the ball on blogging! So for the next few weeks, instead of blogging every session, I'm just going to highlight some different sessions I've done over the past 6 months or so! 

First up is sweet little Nora - I wanted to highlight her for a few reasons! One is that her mama requested a studio mini session for her! While most of my milestone sessions are outdoors, I love doing them in studio when they are little enough, too! The other reason is that it's been so long since I've blogged, I am actually doing her 1 year birthday session this weekend and I thought, what better way to celebrate sweet Nora than to show her growth! 


~ Waiting for Baby Girl Mertz ~ Lodi Maternity Photographer

This wonderful couple and I go way back and getting to capture their pregnancy with their first sweet baby was SUCH an honor. I seriously love, and I mean LOVE, my job but getting to work with my friends could be one of my most favorite things yet! 

Sit back and scroll through the shots of this gorgeous couple as they awaited the arrival of their beautiful baby girl.