Baby Oliver ~ Manteca Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Oliver's mama contacted me about a month before he was due and it was the absolute perfect time to schedule a newborn session for her pending birth! Not many new mama's know that ideally, it works best to schedule your session well before baby arrives! While it seems difficult to schedule a baby who will inevitably arrive whenever he or she wants to, I always tell new parents that scheduling can always be adjusted but it is so much better to do so ahead of time if at all possible. 

Once Oliver arrived and his wonderful parents brought him in, I couldn't believe not only how adorable he was but how awesome his hair was! Doesn't he just have the best hair? 

After a client sends in their initial inquiry and are ready to book, I send you a booking form that asks a few personal questions to let me get to know you better! One of those questions asks what kind of color scheme might fit your home and what fits your personality. Oliver's mama asked for grays, creams, and navy which has been a popular but perfect combination for boys this season!

And with mom & dad's permission, I try to add in an extra dash of color that they might not have considered. Parents always love that unexpected twist to their photos! Here, I used some burnt orange that came all the way from Europe!

Little Oliver did a great job during his session but he definitely had a period of time where he decided to stay up and chat a bit! He was wide awake but honestly, it was awesome because despite being so alert, he still let me pose him! How darling is he??!

He eventually gave in and let us finish out our session with some dreamy shots.